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Real estate photography for real estate agents and owners across Sweden

We create new marketing channels and promote your property with new sales methods. We take the burden off your shoulders and take care of the technical and marketing aspects - leaving you more time to build a good relationship with your customers.

Why drone images?

Increasingly, real estate agents are starting to realize the benefits of using drones for photography and filming when selling properties. One obvious advantage is the ability to take pictures from unique angles, such as the bird's eye view and top-down view of the roof that are not possible to achieve with traditional photography methods. This also offers an excellent overview of the property and its surroundings.

Real estate photography
Real estate photography

Authorization for dissemination of images

In order to ensure that the distribution of drone images and videos to the wider public, which may include use in marketing materials or sharing on digital platforms such as social media, is done legally, it is essential to have a valid dissemination permit.

This requirement is regulated by Lantmäteriet and aims to maintain a controlled handling of aerial images and films to protect the integrity of the individual and ensure that the material is used responsibly.

why drone images


There are some exceptions to the obligation to apply for a dissemination permit for images taken from aircraft.

Depending on the location and the object, it is not necessary to apply for a permit if, for example, the images only show a residential building with associated land and facilities and public roads.
We will help you either apply for a permit or crop the images to avoid applying for a dissemination permit. 

Spread permit included

When you choose to hire us for drone services, you can rest assured that the right to share these images is included in the service at no extra cost.
     This means that you can easily integrate these unique and eye-catching images into your marketing strategies, which can help your properties stand out in an increasingly competitive market.
     The images, which can include impressive aerial panoramic views, are not only a way to showcase the location of the property and its surroundings in a spectacular way, but also a tool to create a stronger and more memorable image of your offer to potential customers or stakeholders.

Real estate photography for estate agents and property owners

New buildings

In a new construction project, it is essential to convey the potential and vision of the project to potential speculators and stakeholders, even before the physical structure has taken shape. By offering a visual preview of the future view, using high quality still images and detailed panoramas taken from different heights, stakeholders can get a clear idea of the location of the building and the added value that the view will offer.

These images are not only an effective way to raise interest and expectations, but also serve as an invaluable resource in marketing materials. By integrating these realistic images into brochures, presentation materials and websites, prospective buyers can imagine the life and environment of the future home, strengthening their connection to the project.

Besides traditional uses, these images offer a unique opportunity to enhance and enrich 3D renderings. By using the actual views as a background in these renderings, one can create a more authentic and inviting visualization of the future project. This technique not only helps to illustrate how the building harmonizes with its surroundings but also provides a more concrete and reliable representation of the finished project. This, in turn, can play a crucial role in the decision-making process for potential buyers or investors, as it contributes to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the project's unique features and benefits.

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