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Whether you are real estate agents, property owners or companies (working in real estate consultancy) - can House services increase commissions, reach a wider audience and close real estate deals faster

More than 80% of Huset's partners create higher value from their properties. 

More than 90%  of speculators are more likely to enquire if the seller offers 3D virtual tours of the property.

Sell to a 6-15 % higher selling price.

Shorten the time on the market with up to 30 %.

Attracting more qualified people customers by giving viewers the most complete representation of your property, filtering out those for whom the property may not be right, and attracting leads who are genuinely interested in your property.

Creating better communication with the tenants with Huset's smart solutions for buildings.


The House can help you give your customers trust by giving them the most accurate picture of the property and its character. 

By taking advantage of our new sales methods and technologies, you can offer specific potential customers the following customers revolutionized new technologies in property sales - which not only increases the value of the property - but also strengthens your position as a real estate agent, property owner, company (working with real estate advice), in an increasingly competitive industry. 

Med own branding you can promote your brand without any connection to the House. 

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Tailor-made advertising campaigns

We create new marketing channels and promote your property with new sales methods. We take the burden off your shoulders and take care of the technical and marketing aspects - leaving you more time to build a good relationship with your customers.


Reduce costs with digital tours

With Digital Viewings, speculators can visit a property - completely digitally, without having to contact the agent or property owner to request information or a private viewing. 

Digital tours are a new concept in the real estate industry that aims to create a new communication channel between buyers and sellers. In the virtual digital tour, speculators can walk around and experience the property at their own pace - to get a better idea of the property and its character.

Learn more about how you can save time and money with the House's digital tours. 

personalized Virtual 3D View

Personalized Real-time digital display

With our virtual 3D display, it is possible to invite speculators to a real-time digital tour. You send a link to the customer who in turn joins the 3D virtual tour with either their phone, tablet or computer. 

A video session is started and you can see and hear each other directly from the browser. You can also navigate around with the customer in real time and answer any questions - completely digitally.

Interactive 3D model

With Interactive 3D model, the customer can see the property in a 3D dimensional perspectiveThe 3D object contributes to a better understanding of the property, its surface and character - something that ordinary 2D images cannot possibly offer. 

teleport it3

Teleport It, House!

Teleporting houses and homes around the world with one click. In combination with Augmented Reality and our expertise, the HUSET the first in the world to commercialize and offer Augmented Reality technology for real estate sales of real objects on a real scale.

Let's take a walk!

Let´s take a Walk! is a service of the House that allows you to walk around a 3D object.

The customer can walk around the real estate object with the mouse and the W A S D keyboard buttons as if it were a computer game.

take a walk

Eco-friendly services

Go green transparent

With digital meetings, digital tours and augmented reality, you have the possibility to reduce your carbon footprint up to several tons carbon dioxide CO₂ - for a more sustainable society.

Virtual furnishing

With virtual furniture! it is possible to furnish and empty premises or rooms to attract more customers. With our virtual furniture, you can give the empty space character and an idea of what is possible. 

virtual furniture4
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Win customers by allowing them to take a tour before booking an appointment.

Med 24/7 availabilityt, the customer can visit and analyze the property at their leisure - without any restriction whatsoever. A speculator sum feel well-informed and safe is often willing to pay more for the property. A moment that would otherwise have been impossible during a personal visit.

The house works continuously to guarantee 99.99% uptime for all our services. Our services support all smartphones and are VR-Headset ready.

Easy-to-use solutions lead to successful business.

Easily accessible

Our technology supports all smartphones (Iphone & Android) and is VR-Headset ready.

Top class marketing

Unique and tailored advertising campaigns across multiple marketing channels. We offer modern sales techniques with unmatched technical expertise and world-class customer focus.

Mobile phone

Plug-N-Play technology

No downloads or installations are needed - everything happens in the cloud.

flexible solutions

Whatever your needs, we only offer complete end-to-end solutions. It should just work!

World-class 3D views

layer hog

We do not compromise on quality or features. The house aims to always produce world-class objects with new sales methods and with the latest technology on the market. With our expertise, you can offer your customers the world's best digital tours with 60+ megapixel 360° images.

More potential customers

Now more buyers by having our staff translate the property description and personal greetings into other languages. With our marketing tricks, foreign buyers can visit your property completely digitally - without having to physically travel to the property. 

local language

The housing selector

Our housing selector is a great service which offers a clear and user-friendly platform for showcasing different properties, especially apartment buildings.

With this innovative tools the customer can easily explore and compare different housing options before making a decision.


Realistic & Interactive option system for new production. Our system offers flexibility by supporting different types of packages, standardized product lines or free choices. The configurator is a tool to streamline and manage your construction project.

RV 1

VR headset - Redo

Present your real estate objects in the real world that the customer is in. With a VR headset, the customer can experience the property in the immersive three-dimensional 3D world. 

All our objects are VR headset adapted and are ready to be used at any time. If necessary, we also offer rental of VR equipment.

Become a partner

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Huset is an IT and communications agency with years of experience and expertise in delivering creative and converting communications, marketing and revolutionary technology solutions. Our experienced and industry-savvy staff provide support in a reliable and timely manner.

We provides pragmatic and convincing standard solutions, or optimized, customized concepts depending on your needs. Our flexible and process-related methods can adapt to the size and complexity of a project, supporting our clients in a comprehensive and efficient way.

The house tailor and adapt the advertising campaign to your needs and our primary focus is to market the real estate object with new sales methods on several different marketing channels - for a successful outcome!

The house offers exclusive services that provide real estate agentsproperty owners and company (working with real estate advice) opportunity to strengthen seat brand name on market.

The house aims to create good customer relations with our partners and our goal is to give you the tools you need - to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution 4.0 in the real estate industry!


Our business idea

The goal of the house is to give you relief in everyday life so that you can focus on your own business and continue doing business. We take care of the technical and marketing aspects so that you have more time to create better customer relationships. 

Best conditions

It is very important to us that you as a partner feel comfortable with our work process, so that together we can create the best conditions for a successful sale.

Marketing channels

Magazine - design & production.
Online marketing.
Marketing on physical products that are resold to consumers.
Direct marketing in physical format with the possibility of demographic and geographical segmentation.

Our focus

Ever since Huset started, the focus has been on having a well-functioning and elaborate method to help customers sell their properties with a successful result. We innovate and create new digital tools and marketing channels - to give our customers the best price for their properties.

Flexible services

Sometimes you may not want to refer your clients to Huset but want to benefit from our services and expertise. Huset does not apply a one model fits all approach - we offer complete end-to-end solutions and our services are always tailored to your needs.

Our staff

Our staff are flexible and responsive to all customer requests and always try to find a solution if a problem arises.

own branding

Own branding / White label

With your own branding, you can emphasize your brand without any connection to the House. We take care of the technical aspects and give you a finished product according to your wishes.


Private screenings

Offer private viewings with a personal code. The object is hosted on but is not available to the public. You receive security codes from us, which in turn are sent to selected customers.

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Licensed music

With licensed music, you can offer your customers an unforgettable and harmonious experience.
We offer everything from classical to blues and movie music.

Drone images and videos for agents and property owners

Our staff are trained drone pilots and hold a drone license - for a safe flight and to be able to photograph objects throughout the country. All our staff who fly our drones closely follow HUSET's safety measures to ensure a safe and risk-free flight in your area.

drone license

Understand your customers better

Visualize all analytics data with easy-to-understand charts. Study the traffic and its sources and optimize your marketing efforts with ease.

Analyze your customers and get a better understanding of who they are. Easily see which geographical regions your visitors come from and much more.

signing of contracts

Satisfied customers pay more

Well-informed customers feel more satisfied. When all information about an object is easily accessible to potential buyers online, customers can make better and more informed buying decisions.

A speculator who feels well-informed and safe is often willing to pay more for the property.

Professional Presentations

With our equipment and expertise, we can train your staff so that you can offer your clients exclusive, professional and immersive presentations.


Floor plan

The house has the possibility to create floor plans with or without furniture. The floor plan is an important part of buying a property. The floor plan is meant to give your customers a better understanding of how the property's spaces are connected, and what possibilities a property offers.

Interactive floor plan with radar

The radar means that the visitor's current position, direction and field of vision are displayed in real time directly on the floor plan in the virtual digital view. The interactive floor plan with radar contributes to a better understanding of the property, its surface and character - something that ordinary 2D images cannot possibly offer.

What happened next?

Offer your customers exclusive and personalized gifts after a successful transaction. The House helps you all the way - from idea to finished product!

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Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are a real estate agent, property owner, business (working in real estate consulting) - Huset's services can increase commissions, reach a wider audience and close real estate deals faster.

Complete technical and marketing solution. We take care of the technical and marketing aspects so that you have more time to create better customer relationships


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