Interactive 3D model

With Huset's leading 3D tour technology, you can take your real estate brokerage and management work to the next level. Let Huset's interactive 3D models be the key to success in your real estate business.
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With Interactive 3D model, the customer can see the property in a 3D dimensional perspectiveThe 3D object contributes to a better understanding of the property, its surface and character - something that ordinary 2D images cannot possibly offer. 

Experience the benefits of Huset's interactive 3D models and revolutionize the way you present properties. By implementing Huset's advanced augmented reality technology, you can transform your properties into valuable information that goes well beyond conventional 3D virtual tours.

So what is the difference between a true Interactive 3D model and a Digital display? It's all about depth. A virtual tour can capture two dimensions - height and width - but true three-dimensional tours also capture depth. This is usually achieved with a specialized camera equipped with multiple lenses and infrared technology that can sense, measure and capture depth. 

  • * Detailed floor plans: Provide a clear overview of the layout of the property, enabling a deeper understanding and appreciation of the space.

  • * Informative labels: Highlight key features and functions within the property to give potential buyers or tenants all the information they need.

  • * Precise measurements: Eliminate guesswork with precise measurements that help in planning and furnishing spaces.

  • * Comprehensive analysis: Benefit from deep insights to optimize property management, streamline capital planning and reduce vacancies.

  • * Realistic experience: Offer a true-to-life tour that can replace the need for physical tours, saving time and resources.

  • * Less interference: Potential buyers can easily determine whether a property fits their needs online, minimizing unnecessary viewings and disruption for sellers.

  • * Increased accessibility for buyers from outside the area: Enables buyers to "visit" properties virtually, broadening the buyer base and increasing the chance of a sale.

  • * Facilitates faster purchasing decisions: Serious buyers can make decisions faster with access to extensive virtual tours, accelerating the sales process.



The main benefits of an Interactive 3D model/tours for real estate agents include a lifelike experience that makes consumers more likely to replace them with physical showings. This leads to less disruption for the seller, as potential buyers can determine if a home is right for them before requesting a physical tour. Out-of-area buyers are more likely to purchase a home with a 3D tour, as they can visit and experience a property without having to physically be there, opening up greater opportunities for sales. Serious home buyers and renters can make decisions without requesting multiple viewings of the same property.

Please note that the service is under development by Huset and the end result may differ significantly from this presentation. The real estate objects are 3D scanned and are NOT a 3D rendered object.

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