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    Offer easily accessible information on real estate objects with interactive 3D models and digital views. Increase sales today with our Visualizations.


      Interactive Tools

      More potential buyers

      Now more buyers by having our staff translate the property description and personal greetings into other languages. With our marketing tricks, foreign buyers can visit your property completely digitally - without having to physically travel to the property.

      We are able to translate both text and sound recordings.

      We currently offer the following languages for translation: English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French and German.


      Realistic & Interactive optional system for new buildings

      With our configurator, we create tailor-made solutions for different needs such as new production, renovation object, or options for existing properties. Our system offers flexibility by supporting different types of packages, standardized product lines or free choice.

      You have the opportunity to create ready-made style packages, which can be selected by your client for inspiration. The projects are visualized in 2D format and to simplify the process we take care of the entire design of the project for you. 

      After configuration, the customer can see the choice of fittings and the total price. The summary is forwarded to any actor such as the project manager or the purchasing department. The configurator is a tool to streamline and manage your construction project. 

      The housing selector

      Our housing selector is a great service that offers a clear and user-friendly platform to showcase different properties, especially apartment buildings. With this innovative tool, you can easily explore and compare different housing options before making a decision. You can easily navigate through different floors and rooms of the apartment building and get a clear picture of its design and layout. Using our advanced technology, you can explore every detail of the property, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. 

      In our quest to offer a total solution, we have implemented features that further enrich the customer experience and simplify the decision-making process. To give the customer an even more realistic feeling of the property, we have introduced digital tours where the customer can explore the property at their own pace, without having to leave their home. With our digital solutions, we also have the possibility to link your interest registration form or we develop one for you - which is available in the housing selector directly. 


      VR & AR technology


      Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are predicted to play a central role in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in real estate, radically changing the way properties are displayed, marketed and maintained. VR technology gives potential buyers or tenants the ability to conduct virtual tours of properties, allowing a deeper appreciation of the property's spaces and potential without physical presence. This can save both time and resources for both buyers and real estate agents.

      AR technology, on the other hand, enriches physical reality with digital information, allowing real estate agents and developers to provide potential buyers with an enhanced experience of how a property can be adapted or developed. For example, by projecting virtual furniture in an empty room or showing future construction projects in 3D on an empty lot, AR can provide a more concrete and convincing picture of the property's potential.

      In addition, VR and AR can contribute to the efficiency of property care and management by offering virtual tours and maintenance simulations, making it possible to identify and fix problems before they escalate. This can lead to significant cost savings and increased tenant satisfaction.


      What is meant by visualization?

      Visualization is about using advanced technology to create interactive 3D models and virtual tours of properties. This allows potential customers to explore properties digitally, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the property's potential, beyond what traditional photos or video views can offer. 

      What is visualization?

      At, visualization refers to the process of using digital tools and technologies to create visual representations of properties and environments. This can involve the creation of 3D models, virtual tours and other interactive visual experiences that help users understand and explore spaces in an intuitive and detailed way.

      Why is visualization useful?

      Visualization is beneficial because it provides a deeper understanding and insight by transforming complex information into tangible, visual formats. This makes it easier for people to absorb and interpret information, which is particularly useful in areas such as real estate presentation where you want to give a sense of the space without physical visits.

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