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Dozens of companies are using Huset's services to digitize all kinds of spaces - from commercial properties, offices and hotels to private dwellings.


Huset.se is a housing platform that will offer search services for real estate objects (commercial properties, villas, condominiums, leaseholds, etc.) where a property owner or broker of an object will be able to buy the publication of an advertisement concerning the sale or rental of an object.  

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Discover the most exclusive real estate magazine in Sweden

The magazine is aimed at specific groups of readers. In each edition we talk about different topics but the main focus is always on investment opportunities and networking. 

The House magazine is unique in its kind, as we combine both Virtual Reality technology, Augmented technology and interactive solutions - for an exclusive world-class experience. 


The House - Magazine

The house offers you as an advertiser fantastic opportunities to expose your brand, object or product, in an exclusive way.

The following formats are offered:
- Lookup
- First full page
- Full page
- Half page
- Last page

Include the following technologies - for a more immersive experience:

Augmented Reality 
Digital display
Virtual Reality  

Number of editions per year


Publication plan 2024

No 1: 1 January
No 2: 1 June
No 3: 1 September

* Next issue June 1, 2024 (Edition #3)

* Number of copies 10.000 pcs

* Geography: Stockholm County

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We provide pragmatic and convincing standard solutions or optimized, customized concepts depending on the needs. Our flexible and process-related approach can be adapted to the size and complexity of a project, supporting our clients in a comprehensive and efficient way. Huset tailors and adapts the advertising campaign to your needs and our primary focus is to promote the real estate object with new sales methods on multiple marketing channels - for a successful result!

The house offers exclusive services that enable sellers to influence their housing transaction and services that allow real estate agents, property owners and companies involved in real estate brokerage or real estate consulting to strengthen their brand.

The house aims to create good customer relationships with our partners and our goal is to give you the tools you need - to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution 4.0 in the real estate industry!

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 in

The real estate sector
At Huset, our top priority is to ensure that our clients feel confident and informed at every stage of the marketing process. We offer a personalized service throughout the process. As we only deal with prestige properties, we are not burdened by having a large number of less time-consuming properties, but can provide the high level of service that our clients expect and that is required for a successful outcome.
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Building the next evolution of digital real estate
Huset works continuously to develop the world's most innovative and climate-smart real estate services. Our customers will always find new services with us and our vision is to be a leading company in the Swedish and European market in real estate sales.
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Financial Success
Each client and property is given the individual attention required to achieve optimal results, with carefully tailored sales campaigns based on each property's unique attributes and each seller's specific needs.
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Unique Business Models
For successful business - the House will only offer tailor-made, unique and accessible solutions.
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Measurable Data
Continuous reporting with relevant and easily understandable data.
Today and the future
We are moving beyond 2D images and into immersive experiences like virtual reality & augmented reality, helping to create the next evolution of real estate technology.

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