AI Sales Assistant / Estate Agent Assistant

2024-01-01 – Discover the benefits of AI Broker Assistant or
AI sales assistant and boost your real estate sales or rental of premises. Learn how this artificial intelligence can help you as a real estate agent or property owner.

HUSET becomes the first operator in the world to commercialize and offer a sales assistant for home/property sales and rental of premises in digital tours.


Teleport It, House!

2023-10-20 - House introduces Teleport it, the house! The service makes it possible to teleport house and home around the world at the touch of a button. In combination with Augmented Reality and our expertise, HUSET is the first in the world to commercialize and offer its customers the Augmented Reality technology for real estate sales of real objects at real scale.


Optional interactive system for new construction

2023-09-01 - Huset introduces the optional system for new production. With our configurator, we create customized solutions for different needs such as new construction, renovation objects, or options for existing properties.


Housing selector

2023-08-05 - Our housing selector is a great service that offers a clear and user-friendly platform to showcase different properties, especially apartment buildings. With this innovative tool, you can easily explore and compare different housing options before making a decision.

AR house1

Augmented Reality (AR)

2023-06-27 - Present your products in the real world that the customer is in. Customers can see and visualize objects directly in their environment at the touch of a button, directly in the browser. 

virtual furniture

Virtual furnishing

2023-6-20 - The House expands and introduces a new service. With virtual furnishing, it is possible to furnish empty spaces to give the space character and attract more customers.

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