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Our residential voters is a revolutionary service that takes your property search to a whole new level, by offering a clear and user-friendly platform for exploring condominiums. This advanced platform not only allows you to navigate through different floors and rooms of the condominium, but also gives you an in-depth understanding of each property's layout and design. With our technology, you can dive into every detail of the property, from the kitchen and living room to the bedrooms and bathrooms, to get a comprehensive view of your potential new home.

In our quest to offer a total solution, we have implemented features that further enrich the customer experience and simplify the decision-making process. To give the customer an even more realistic feeling of the property, we have introduced digital tours where the customer can explore the property at their own pace, without having to leave their home. With our digital solutions, we also have the possibility to link your interest registration form or we develop one for you - which is available in the housing selector directly. 

For those looking for an even more in-depth experience, our home tours are VR-redowhich means you can use a VR headset to really "walk" through the property as if you were there. This adds an incredible dimension to the property view, making it easier for you to imagine your life in your new home.

We also understand the importance of accessible and clear information. This is why we have made it possible for potential buyers to easily download detailed PDF files about each property directly from the property selector. These files contain all the necessary information the customer needs, from floor plans and facility descriptions to neighborhood information.

We have also expanded our service to include comprehensive information about the property's facilities and amenities. This includes not only details about the interior of the apartment building, but also common areas, parking facilities and gardens. All this information is intended to give you a full understanding of what each property has to offer.

Finally, we have facilitated the comparison process by allowing you to easily switch between different condominiums and compare their characteristics, prices and locations. This tool is invaluable for making an informed decision and choosing the condominium that best suits your needs and desires.

Our housing selector is designed to maximize convenience and streamline the customer's search for the perfect home. We are proud to offer these advanced features and are constantly striving to improve and expand our services to meet your needs. Explore the properties virtually, ask your questions directly to agents or property owners through our platform, and discover how easy and enjoyable your home search can be with our home selector.


Implemented functions

  • Virtual Sales Assistant
  • Video playback is now available for smartphones, tablets, VR headsets and computers in both 2D and 360 formats. 
    - Personalized video(s). With personalized playbacks, the customer can receive personalized greetings & information from e.g. the broker. 
    - Object display in 2D and 360 video format.
  • The following formats are supported
    .PP(Microsoft PowerPoint)
    .XL(Microsoft Excel)
  • .
  • 3D objects
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
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