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Tailored marketing

The house develops tailor-made marketing plans adapted to your specific conditions with the aim of quickly and effectively attract buyers to your particular real estate object. The house gives you professional advice on how to best reach your target audience and how to make the most of your budget.

The House - Magazine

The house offers you as an advertiser fantastic opportunities to expose your brand, object or product, in an exclusive way.

The following formats are offered:
- Lookup
- First full page
- Full page
- Half page
- Last page

Include the following technologies - for a more immersive experience:

Augmented Reality 
Digital display
Virtual Reality  

Number of editions per year


1 January
1 June
September 1

* Next issue June 1, 2024 (Edition #3)

* Number of copies 10.000 pcs

* Geography: Stockholm County

Augmented Reality

Present your products in the real world that the customer is in using Augmented Reality. Customers can see and visualize your products directly in their environment by scanning a QR code or via a link on your website. 

This service is aimed at businesses that want to create an advertising campaign and sell physical products digitally.
Laser magazine com

Virtual & Augmented Reality

As an advertiser with us, your customers get the shopping experience of the future. Together with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, HUSET creates new communication channels between buyers and sellers.

Visualize all analytics data with easy-to-understand charts. Study the traffic and its sources and optimize your marketing efforts with ease.


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Digital display

Mith our digital, interactive showroom, your customers have the opportunity to visit your premises completely digitally. In addition to the visit, the customer can visualize the products online and read more about the products they are curious about - just like in a regular showroom.

The Platform House

Internet - Huset platform - fixed cost. Continuous updates & statistics included.

Together with you, we define which initiatives create added value, what distinguishes your object from others and how we can best promote your real estate object, product or service on the Swedish and European market. 

Google advertising

Search engines

Internet - pay-per-view (pay only on click). Continuous updates & statistics included.

Together with you, we define which initiatives create added value, what distinguishes your object from others and how we can best promote your real estate object, product or service on the Swedish and European market. 

Physical advertising

Physical advertising (on goods/materials given for free or resold to consumers)

We create new marketing channels and promote your property with new sales methods. We take the burden off your shoulders and take care of the technical and marketing aspects - leaving you more time to build a good relationship with your customers.

chemical plastic advertising
ice scraper advertising
Paper sponge advertising

Direct advertising

Smart addressed mailings to specific target groups.

Together with our partners, we are able to order, for example, the addresses, names (first and last), titles and companies of key players in the real estate and urban development sector. 

We have the possibility to order household addresses with specific selections. You can order telephone numbers or addresses for sending letters. 

All addresses & phone numbers for individuals are Nix verified.

Segmentation or market segmentation is a strategy that aims to deliver targeted marketing to the right people.

The process involves breaking down both existing and potential customers into different segments, facilitating the creation of powerful and effective marketing that truly reaches and engages each specific audience.

By carefully analyzing and understanding the differences and similarities among your customers, it becomes possible to create tailored communications that directly appeal to their real preferences and motivations. By having insight into the needs and wants of your customer group, marketing can feel more personal and genuine. This not only leads to increased customer satisfaction, but also results in better market performance.

By tailoring your message to each segment, you create a deeper connection with your customers, and your brand becomes more relevant and meaningful to them. At the same time, you can avoid wasting resources on marketing that is not relevant to certain customer groups. Segmentation thus becomes an important strategy to optimize marketing efforts and maximize the effectiveness of reaching and engaging your audience.

Optimizing the marketing budget

In today's digital media landscape, it is no longer efficient to conduct extensive marketing on a large scale. It's important to shift the focus to getting the right message to the right customer at exactly the right time. We are here to support you in ensuring that each customer is carefully placed in the most relevant segment, where their needs and drivers are clearly defined.

It is also possible to analyze how customers' preferences change according to their life stage, if they move to a new location or if their financial circumstances change. By tailoring marketing in a targeted way to each individual, the impact of your marketing activities will be much greater.

By identifying and acting on the specific needs of each segment, you create a more direct and meaningful connection with your customers. Moreover, it allows you to carefully consider how the results of your marketing activities relate to each target group. This way, you can easily determine if adjustments are needed to optimize your market selection and maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

Marketing in this way not only allows you to tailor your message to each individual but also gives you insights to fine-tune your marketing strategy over time. This results in more cost-effective and targeted marketing that delivers clear and measurable results.

Attracting new customers through smart segmentation

Segmentation or market segmentation is a powerful strategy that can be applied to both existing and potential customers. By taking advantage of our partners, you will be able to quickly identify the potential of each segment. Deep analysis is particularly effective when you have insight into which of your existing customers are generating profitability and which segments they are in. We assist you with the deep analysis to find and attract new profitable customers.

Our tools not only help you understand the differences and drivers within each segment, but also enable you to tailor your communication and offers to new customers. By leveraging our analytics and segmentation services, you gain valuable customer insights that contribute to a deeper understanding of the buying behavior and preferences of both existing customers and prospects. This insight becomes fundamental to adapt and optimize your approach, which in turn increases your success in attracting and retaining new customers in a more targeted way.

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